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Genesis Plastics Welding adds third cleanroom

Article-Genesis Plastics Welding adds third cleanroom

Genesis Plastics Welding (Indianapolis, IN) recently added a third Class 7 medical cleanroom in response to growing demand for single-use and easy-to-sterilize medical devices. "Recent national mandates have made infection prevention a leading concern of healthcare providers, creating this increasing need for these products," says Genesis Plastics Welding CEO Tom Ryder. "We are in a great position to help supply products to meet those increasing demands."

Genesis' has a proprietary RF heat-sealing technology called ecoGenesis that allows assembly of olefin medical plastics that are in growing demand as some hospitals and healthcare systems strive to remove polyvinyl chloride (PVC), particularly in bags and tubing. The ecoGenesis system allows RF welding of very thin gauge (down to 0.001 inch) and low-loss polymers.

"Recent additions to our staff, including engineering experts in product and process development, have enhanced our research and development abilities; we are serving clients from concept to commercialization," says Ryder.

Genesis manufactures several products including blood pressure cuffs, instrument covers, media reservoir bags, inflatable bladders, hot and cold therapy devices, compression therapy sleeves and coolant bags, and fluid drainage bags.

The company's technology will be on display at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East, June 18 - 20 in Philadelphia, PA

Genesis Plastics Welding is an ISO 13485:2003 certified contract manufacturer providing radio frequency (RF) welding and heat sealing applications of plastic products for military, medical and other industries.

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