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German plastics recycling agency takes stand on regulation changes

Article-German plastics recycling agency takes stand on regulation changes

BKV (Frankfurt), the German company tasked with collection, recycling, and reclaim of post-consumer plastics waste, has come out in favor of market-driven solutions rather than legislated quota rules as the country prepares for the fifth revision of its packaging waste ordinance. The BKV, made up of 60 different members from the plastics, additives, and processing sectors as well as various interest groups, is the successor to the Green Dot/DSD’s DKR division targeting plastics packaging waste.
Antitrust officials ordered a split of the Green Dot/DSD in 2005 to introduce more competition in the sector. The BKV fears that politicians may be angling to increase bureaucracy and quota levels for industrial and production packaging, which would disrupt the present working structure that has functioned successfully so far, says Peter Orth, BKV director. “Quota regulations for commercial and industrial packaging would result in substantial additional costs and unnecessary work for companies without bringing ecological or economic benefits,” he says.
The BKV says its goals also include, where possible, preventing valuable plastics waste from entering the waste system and ending up in landfill. It sees mechanical recycling as well as incineration for energy creation as having top priorities.
In other news from the organization, the BKV plans to initiate a special symposium on plastics re-use in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT later this year. Fraunhofer has held a plastics and recycling colloquium in Krefeld, Germany for the last 15 years. The BKV says it doesn’t want to add another conference to a year already heavy with meetings and has therefore opted for the cooperation model with an organization holding an existing event.—[email protected]
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