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Good part insurance

If you?re moving a mold from one machine or plant to another, a new device from Priamus System Technologies LLC (Brunswick, OH) reportedly ensures you?ll get the same part quality from that mold regardless of the press it?s running in.

Priamus?s new compact Pass Controller (device on far left in photo) saves what the company calls ?characteristic numbers? of the part as identifying features, including data on the maximum cavity pressure or cavity temperature required to repeatedly produce quality parts. It also monitors and saves ideal melt viscosity readings. When you?re setting up that mold on another press and the Pass Controller?s LED glows green, you?re good to go.

It?s easy to use, too. Adjustments can be made by a few inputs on its touchscreen. It has a freely configurable bar chart, displays of measuring curves, and information on the economic efficiency of the mold?s run production—including production efficiency, detected downtime, and good/bad part statistics.

The Pass Controller also has an SD memory card for storing data, a cycle counter for monitoring the mold?s service intervals, and an integrated magnet for easy mounting. The multipin interfaces for the device are completely waterproof. And since its Ethernet interface is compatible with all Priamus systems, it can easily be used in combination with the company?s other monitoring and control systems, and also can be networked by Priamus Shop Floor for remote access to production data.

The company also has introduced a complementary product?a compact eight-channel version of Priamus Fill & Cool (center and right in photo). Priamus Fill & Cool is designed to automatically optimize fill time by controlling melt flow in hot runners and mold cooling circuits to improve repeatability and ensure consistent part weights. It also provides users with the ability to automatically switch over to holding pressure to compensate for viscosity variations.?CK

Priamus System Technologies
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