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Guided wave radar level transmitter for bulk solids

Article-Guided wave radar level transmitter for bulk solids

WaveTrak 5200 (WT5200), a guided wave radar level transmitter, is a two-wire, loop-powered device designed for challenging bulk solids measurement applications. The transmitter is unaffected by dust or feed flow, accurately measuring the level of materials with dielectric constants as low as 1.3, such as for plastics pellets. The WT5200 features an integrated graphic display for quick and easy viewing of waveform screens. A concentric waveguide directs the radar signal, alleviating beam spread problems and echoes from tank walls and internal structures.

The all-digital transmitter is designed to be compact, with built-in linearization functions. The modular architecture features an integrated graphic display with easy-to-read waveform screens that detail signal activity. This makes configuring, fine-tuning, and troubleshooting fast and simple. Easy-to-understand setup menus can be changed to different languages?supported languages include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Mandarin.

Accurate level measurements are provided for materials with bulk densities up to 50 lb/ft3 in the presence of varying temperatures and pressures. The transmitter operates at up to 1500 psi or 400°F . The two-wire, loop-powered design has multiple output options, including 4-20 mA, Hart Fieldbus, and Modbus. The standard housing is powder-coated aluminum with optional stainless steel to handle corrosive environments. A dual-compartment design isolates the wiring and terminations from the sensing elements and internal electronics. Prices start at $1600. Delivery is five weeks from receipt of order.

ASI Instruments Inc., Houston, TX
(713) 461-4535
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