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Hot runner models

Article-Hot runner models

You can check to see how that hot runner you want from Husky IMS Ltd. (Bolton, ON) matches your mold design with new 3D solid modeling software from the company of the same name. It provides full parasolids of plates with inverse gate detail, merged-in guide pins, and manifold skins. It?s available in several formats?parasolids, IGES, STEP, or UG formats, for instance.

?With Husky?s new 3D solid models it is easy for us to design the interface details of our molds with the hot runner without delay,? says Thomas A. Genovese, director of engineering, Lincoln Mold & Die Corp. (Roselle, NJ). ?With closure molds being a primary part of our business, these new files allow us to confirm with confidence that we have sufficient steel backup for the inserts for our high-cavitation tools.?

Husky also introduced the smallest member of its valve-gate nozzle family, the Ultra 350 (pictured). Its seal diameter is but 8 mm, its bore diameter is but 16 mm, and minimum nozzle spacing is just 25.4 mm. Designed for ultracompact, multicavity production of small parts, including the valve gating of hard-to-reach areas on, say, a medical part, or the inside gating of closures, the Ultra 350 matches the 30-g/sec maximum throughput of its bigger brother, the Ultra 500 VG.

Its tiny dimensions increase gate access for cooling and the plate steel available for support as well. It?s currently available only for polyolefins. Leak-proof performance for three years with Husky?s UltraSeal technology is guaranteed with the Ultra 350, as with other Ultras.?CK

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.
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