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Hot sprues are designed for prototyping, eight-drop hot runner systems

Article-Hot sprues are designed for prototyping, eight-drop hot runner systems

Producing prototype parts that are truly representative of production parts just became a little easier with a new line of hot sprues for prototype molding and single-cavity applications. Manufacturer Husky recommends the use of hot sprues to improve part quality, eliminate material scrap associated with cold runners, improve cycle performance, and reduce overall cost. Hot sprues can also be used to retrofit molds with existing cold sprue bushings.

These hot sprues use a single drop nozzle that has a design identical to the standard nozzle used for multicavity molds. An adapter that provides support during injection secures them to the mold base. Husky?s two series of nozzles (up to 10 g/sec and 20 to 30 g/sec) are available in various lengths to fit standard and custom mold base sizes.

Also from Husky, two styles of eight-drop hot runner systems have been added to the Pronto hot runner system line. The system offers rapid delivery of complete, configurable hot halves. With this new addition, Pronto is now available in two-, four-, and eight-drop configurations for a variety of nozzle pitch and nozzle length specifications. Other options include hot tip, valve gate, or thermal sprue gating styles. Moldmakers can specify a hot runner design at; systems can be delivered within four weeks.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Inc.
Milton, VT
(802) 859-8114

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