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IMM's Benchmarking Report: Fourth quarter 1999, data group 3 of 3

Article-IMM's Benchmarking Report: Fourth quarter 1999, data group 3 of 3

Welcome to the monthly Benchmarking Report. Many generous molders have volunteered to share their benchmarking data with us each quarter. The information comes in two parts. The first is the profile data (see table), which characterizes the participating molders by press quantity, resin quantity processed, parts quantity, and revenue, among other measurements.

The information in the pies is the benchmarking data. We're measuring nine benchmarks: machine utilization, productive downtime, training per employee, mold change time, scheduled ship date on time, accident incident rate, scrap as produced, customer returns, and employee turnover. Each month we present three of these nine benchmarks. The June issue will report data for the first quarter of 2000: machine utilization, productive downtime, and training per employee.

If you want to receive valuable information to aid in benchmarking your operations, you too can volunteer to participate. In return for giving us a few minutes of your time and data each quarter, you get detailed reports that provide key production and market data for every participating molder. Anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed. Contact us (see contact information below) and we'll fax to you the information and forms you need to get started. There is no charge for participation.

Profile of Benchmarking Participants
Number of molders 50
   Low High  Average 
Press quantity: 4 92 29.1
Low tonnage: 15 150 75.9
High tonnage: 75 3000 638.8
Press age, years: 2 15 7.7
1998 resin consumed, million lb: .08 30 4.4
1998 number of different parts molded: 6 4067 524
1998 parts produced, million: .008 1230 128.5
Number of employees: 32 989 161.9
Hourly wage with benefits: $6.37 $18.15 $11.29
Hourly wage without benefits: $6.00 $15.00 $8.59
1998 revenue, million: $9.07  $134.00 $21.07
Number of customers that comprise 80
percent of annual sales revenue:
 1 300 19.6
1998 average hourly machine cost $9.07 $185.00 $43.66
Top five markets served, by percent:
Automotive 43.7
Electrical/electronic 6
Consumer products 5.5
Computer/business equipment 5.4
Industrial 4.6

Contact information
Injection Molding Magazine
Denver, CO
Jeff Sloan
Phone: (303) 321-2322
Fax: (303) 321-3552
E-mail: [email protected]

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