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Industrial Molds gives metal-to-plastic part conversion technical presentation at ANTEC 2015

Article-Industrial Molds gives metal-to-plastic part conversion technical presentation at ANTEC 2015

There are many reasons for OEMs to convert metal components into plastic including light-weighting, reduced manufacturing costs, and better quality or longer-lasting parts. Metal-to-plastic part conversion provides opportunities for both mold manufacturers and their OEM customers to develop new solutions to mature components. However, this process is not typically a straight across conversion. There are many considerations that have to be evaluated before this conversion can be made successfully.

Industrial Molds, an award-winning mold manufacturer that received an award at NPE 2012 for a complex metal-to-plastic under-hood automotive component has been chosen to make a technical presentation at the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC), to be held in conjunction with the Society of the Plastics Industry’s National Plastics Exposition (NPE) March 23-27, 2015 at the Orlando Convention Center, Orlando, FL.

Kerry Smith, Project Engineer, will be giving the technical presentation “Mold Design for Reduction of Offline Assembly and Secondary Operations” that will focus on designing for metal-to-plastic conversion for part consolidation, two-shot molding and other molding technologies for reducing production costs and improving quality.

Smith will be discussing evaluating part design, material selection, mold design considerations, and much more to help OEMs convert their metal parts to plastic successfully.

Industrial Molds has developed its expertise in metal-to-plastic part conversion as a solution for many of its customers seeking ways to improve quality, reduce costs, and increase productivity. The company will be presenting on Wednesday morning, March 25, in the Mold Making & Mold Design Division section of SPE. For more information see the SPE ANTEC Website at

Also, stop and visit Industrial Molds Group’s booth featuring both Industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics, Booth #S 22144.

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