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Supply Chain

Poll Asks Manufacturers What Technologies They Need to Advance Reshoring

Image: Melita/Adobe Stock reshoring graphic
The Association for Manufacturing Technology and Reshoring Initiative have launched the online poll to determine how COVID-19 has affected sourcing and to pinpoint opportunities for reshoring elements of the supply chain.

As the pandemic has brought reshoring of certain manufactured parts back into strong focus, companies may be asking what products and components offer the biggest opportunities for reshoring. What advanced manufacturing technology is needed to enable reshoring? To what degree did the pandemic disrupt supply chains? To answer these questions and better understand the needs of the manufacturing community, AMT – the Association for Manufacturing Technology and the Reshoring Initiative are asking industry, including OEMs, job shops, technology suppliers, and distributors, to participate in an online survey, Rebuilding the Supply Chain. The survey is open through Feb. 28, 2021.

The survey takes about five minutes to complete. Results will be published in March on the AMT website and at, a one-stop repository for supply chain information, content, and guidance resources. The results will also be posted on the Reshoring Initiative website. One of the key survey questions is whether or not OEMs and job shops would value an AMT service to connect OEMs with manufacturing technology for reshoring opportunities.

“Participating in this survey will provide valuable insight on sourcing issues and which processes, products, and components face the most pressure from imports and which offer the biggest opportunities to reshore,” said Peter R. Eelman, Vice President and Chief Experience Officer at AMT, which owns and produces the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). “The input we receive helps AMT and IMTS develop resources to help companies make more detailed sourcing assessments and better informed sourcing decisions.”

Harry Moser, founder and President of the Reshoring Initiative, added, “About 20% of what is now imported could be produced here more profitably with currently in-use technology. By matching the best and newest technology solutions to each opportunity, we can accelerate the reshoring trend.”

The survey is one of many activities related to AMT’s Rebuilding the Supply Chain initiative, which has gained greater visibility due to COVID-19 disruptions. Rebuilding the Supply Chain is done in collaboration with the Reshoring Initiative, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing manufacturing back to the United States.

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