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Injection molding: Grams add up quickly—to about $19k per day

Working with an as-yet unidentified beverage bottler in North America, closure molder and moldmaker Corvaglia (Eschlikon, Switzerland) says it has in the last 12 months developed an individually-tailored closure with a reduction in weight from 1.6 grams to less than 1 gram. The weight in the neck finish of the bottle itself was trimmed from 3.15 grams to 1.75 grams. With 7 million 0.5 liter bottles filled each day, the customer is saving about $19,000 daily just on plastic.

Building on this individual customer solution, Corvaglia has now developed an optimized still water neck finish/cap concept with what it says is even better performance at the same weight. The tamper band is torn off completely before there is any leakage from the bottle. The molder also is developing a sports cap for this "Still Water BTL Short Neck" closure.

In 2005 Corvaglia was among the first to develop and mold a short-neck closure, as reported by MPW here.
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