Absolute Haitian to run Zeres electric injection molding machine at PLAST-EX

Absolute Haitian Zeres

Absolute Haitian (Worcester, MA) has announced that it will bring its popular Zeres electric injection molding machine with integrated hydraulics to the show floor of PLAST-EX in Toronto on June 4 to 6. Absolute Haitian will exhibit at booth 503.

The ZE 1200/300 that will be on display features a 135-U.S.-ton clamping force and 4.73-ounce shot capacity. The machine will run a 16-cavity connector mold made from high-density polypropylene. Zeres injection molding machines are available in model sizes from 44 to 1,551 U.S. tons.

Absolute Haitian will be molding a plumbing connector on the show floor, providing attendees with an opportunity to see intrusion injection along with dual stroke ejection of the parts. The integrated hydraulic circuit on the Zeres machines allow molders to operate ejectors, core pull, carriage movement and optional valve gates without an external hydraulic power pack, saving floor space and the cost of external hydraulics. This opens possibilities for molders who prefer electric machines but need hydraulics to operate, for instance, core pull.

The hydraulic interface is integrated on the moving platen and provides more flow and increased pressure compared with external power pack solutions, according to Absolute Haitian. Pressure and flow rates are adjustable via the machine’s controller, and the included software can control up to three hydraulic circuits.

Pricing for the Zeres electric molding machine is approximately 10% lower than an all-electric press, according to Absolute Haitian, but achieves the same level of precision and repeatability. User have responded to the value proposition: Haitian now has an installed base of more than 3,000 electric Zeres and all-electric Venus molding machines worldwide.

PLAST-EX is part of the Advanced Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Expo, which comes to the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto on June 4 to 6, 2019. In addition to PLAST-EX, ADM incorporates PACKEX, Design & Manufacturing, ATX Automation Technology and Powder Bulk Solids. For more information, go to the event website.

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