Absolute Haitian upgrades best-selling Mars series injection molding machines

Absolute Haitian Mars series

Absolute Haitian (Worcester, MA) announced today several upgrades and the addition of new features to its best-selling Mars series injection molding machines. The servo-hydraulic injection molding systems reached a milestone this summer, setting an historical record of 200,000 installed worldwide. The new MA II S series is a more efficient and precise version of this best seller, according to the company.

Absolute Haitian will be exhibiting at Expoplast in Montréal on Nov. 14 and 15, 2018. Visit the company at booth 615. For more information about the event, part of Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo and the only show in Québec devoted entirely to plastics, go to the Expoplast website.

Improvements include a reduced overall footprint, faster clamp movement for better dry cycle times and lower energy consumption and lower platen stress and increased mold force stability to reduce mold wear. Ball-type linear guide rails on the clamp are designed to reduce friction, resulting in smoother clamp movement, added Absolute Haitian. Other features include a reduction in oil capacity requirements, the use of high-load-bearing copper-graphite bushings on the rear and stationary platens and toggle, a pivot design in the injection unit to facilitate screw and nozzle changes, and more open space at the clamp end for conveyors.

All sizes, which range from 67 to 3,709 U.S. tons, of the updated MA II S and certain sizes of the MA II S are available for immediate delivery.

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