AMBA reports provide new insights into mold-making industry

AMBA logoDuring the just-ended third quarter of 2019, the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA; Indianapolis) announced the release of two new reports: “New Employee Onboarding Checklists” and “Efficiencies in Machine Programming.” Because AMBA has never benchmarked mold builders on either of these topics, both reports provide fresh content and new insight into the 2019 mold building industry.

Gathered data featured in the “Efficiencies in Machine Programming Report” involve workforce representation (including total employees versus CNC programmers and setup operators); preferred programming software; shop floor programming versus offline programming preferences; the efficiency of certain programming methods for repeat and new jobs; and recent investments in technologies or machines to improve efficiency. All of this data was correlated to reported annual revenues and other demographic data. Finally, respondents also shared a total of more than 90 recent investments made to improve efficiency in their facilities.

In a different vein, AMBA’s “New Employee Onboarding Checklists Report” focuses on human resources policy, including which staff managed most new employee onboarding, HR on-staff representation and how that data correlated to annual revenue. Of particular note is the report’s addendum, which includes 20 new employee onboarding checklists and documents that provide real-world onboarding examples.

These reports come in advance of AMBA’s annual wage and salary survey. To purchase either of these reports, participate in upcoming surveys or review other AMBA publications, visit the organization's website.

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