American Mold Builders Association distributes more than $54,000 through 2018 grant

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA; Indianapolis, IN) awarded more than $54,000 to the 2018 recipients of the American Mold Manufacturing Advancement (AMMA) Grant on June 28, 2018.

Developed by AMBA and first launched in 2017, the AMMA Grant invests in the advancement of the mold building industry by supporting programs and projects that fall within three primary areas: Training and advocacy, industry promotion, and research and development. Applicants must be AMBA members that support local workforce development initiatives in their communities relating to one of the primary areas. To date, AMBA has awarded nearly $150,000 in grants in support of members’ workforce development efforts.

Funds awarded this year will support students at all grade levels with a variety of programs, including job shadowing, new apprenticeship programs, technical training, CNC software, career and technical education programs, robotics competitions, Manufacturing Day activities and more.

Winners announced this year included the following AMBA members:

  • Century Die Co. (Fremont, OH)
  • Creative Blow Mold Tooling (Lee’s Summit, MO)
  • M.R. Mold (Brea, CA)
  • Midwest Mold Services (Roseville, MI)
  • Mold Craft (Willernie, MN)
  • Prodigy Mold (Haubstadt, IN)
  • Superior Tooling (Wake Forest, NC)
  • Wepco Plastics (Middlefield, CT).

While the grant places great value on community involvement, many AMBA members also feel that it supplies critical support to the specific area of workforce development. Tim Myers, General Manager at Century Die, stated, “The AMMA Grant is instrumental to the growth of the mold manufacturing industry. This program draws attention to the manufacturing and skilled trade opportunities in our community and provides students with hands-on experience and knowledge that aid them in their career path decision. We are so grateful that AMBA supports our efforts to bring awareness and opportunities to the future of our industry—our youth!”

In an effort to sustain and grow the mold building industry at large, AMBA places workforce development through educational outreach as a top priority, supporting its members with scholarship programs, recruitment tools, educational outreach contests and skills certification/training tools, in addition to the AMMA Grant. “It is our continued mission to educate students, parents and educators about the many competitive career opportunities the mold building industry offers,” said Kym Conis, AMBA Managing Director. “With programs like the AMMA Grant, we can continue to interest students and draw them into apprenticeship programs that will turn them into skilled, successful tradesmen.”

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