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Updated: Beaumont Technologies to Be Autodesk's Preferred Vendor for Autodesk Moldflow Material Characterization Services

The materials characterization services to be conducted by Beaumont are essential for identifying and understanding material properties and process performance characteristics that are required by Autodesk Moldflow and Helius’ simulation products.

Clare Goldsberry

February 21, 2017

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Beaumont Technologies acquires Autodesk Moldflow’s material characterization business

Editor's note: This article has been updated to more accurately reflect the nature of the lease agreement.

Beaumont and Autodesk have agreed to lease equipment from the Autodesk Moldflow Material Characterization Lab in Ithaca, NY, to Beaumont Advanced Processing’s Material Characterization Lab in Cranesville, PA. The leased equipment will be relocated from Ithaca to a new facility in Erie, PA, where Beaumont is headquartered.

The additional equipment will provide Beaumont the ability to expand its contribution to identifying and understanding material properties and process performance characteristics that are required by Autodesk Moldflow and Helius’ simulation products. These services comprise the full range of tests required for the successful performance of Autodesk’s simulation programs. The tests include both specialized proprietary Autodesk methods and more conventional materials characterization services for customers in North America and Europe. Autodesk will continue to maintain its materials testing and development laboratory in Kilsyth, Australia, to supply its customers throughout Asia and other global markets, as well as maintain ongoing research.

“The partnership between Autodesk and Beaumont Technologies will lead to increased testing capacity and enhanced services through access to additional expertise in polymers, injection molding processes and dedicated local resources,” said Greg Fallon, Autodesk Vice President, Simulation. “Beaumont’s American Molding Institute is the preferred training partner in North America for our injection molding simulation customers. With Beaumont handling the majority of our training and material characterization activities, Autodesk will focus on the development and validation of new process solvers, as well as characterization methodologies. This partnership is part of Autodesk’s growth strategy. The result will be a net increase in global characterization capacity, improved throughput and responsiveness as well as adding additional subject matter experts into our community,” said Fallon.

Beaumont Technologies, founded in 1998 by John Beaumont, is an innovation-based company that provides a range of unique technologies such as the MeltFlipper and Therma-flo, among others, and plastics engineering services. It is also the home of the American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute that provides advanced plastics education and training for engineers and plastics professionals.

“It’s our intent to ensure customers that we are up and running smoothly prior to taking new orders,” commented Beaumont. “After that we can promise our customers an unprecedented level of material characterization and simulation services to analyze, identify, predict and validate their investments, while saving time, eliminating costly trial and error processes, minimizing tooling investments and speeding their products to market.”

Beaumont noted that it will take a couple of months to transition the new business to its Erie facility. During this time, material characterization services will be conducted by Autodesk Moldflow’s lab in Kilsyth. It is expected that the new Beaumont material characterization lab will be fully operational by early to mid April 2017.

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