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Product employs reliable vortex shedding technology to monitor liquid flow rate and temperature.

Clare Goldsberry

December 1, 2016

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Burger & Brown Engineering announces new Smartflow Tracer VM

Burger & Brown Engineering (Grandview, MO) announced the release of its new Smartflow Tracer VM electronic flowmeter with user interface. This new product employs reliable vortex shedding technology to monitor liquid flow rate and temperature. The newly designed control circuit provides some of the same features of its previous Switching Tracer flowmeter, including Turbulent Flow Indication (FCI technology); user selectable analog outputs for flow and temperature 0 to 5 or 1 to 10 V DC; BTUs per minute calculation; glycol input up to 30% for FCI calculation; and optimal NIST traceable calibration.

Some of the new features include a remote user interface mounting option; bright color LCD display; vortex shedding sensor technology; internal rechargeable battery for temporary operation unattached to power source; and optional cables for AC wall adapter or connection to the RJG eDart System.

The new Tracer VM flowmeter with user interface allows water resource budgeting through the use of the totalizing function with volume display. Vortex shedding technology increases reliability with flow sensors that are less susceptible to dirty cooling water conditions. The display is bright and easy to read in low light areas.

The remote mount user interface provides flexibility for installation location. Connection sizes are available from 3.8 through 1 ½ in. NPT or BSPP. Flow rates are 1 to 15 through 10 to 200 LPM. A 100oC operating temperature limit is standard. An upper temperature limit of 120oC is available in the lower flow ranges. The product will be available for shipment in January 2017.

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