California’s wildfires and power cuts impacting businesses

Wildfires and related power cuts are wreaking havoc on many businesses in California. At least one mold manufacturer, M.R. Mold in Brea, CA, sent an email to its customers and vendors yesterday with this message:

“Due to the strong Santa Ana winds and the smoke and flames from nearby wildfires, M.R. Mold has lost internet service and has extremely limited phone service. We ask your patience in returning e-mails and answering phone calls at this time. We have no idea when service will be reinstated.”

wildfire with firefighter

I’ve not heard from other companies on what impact the fires and power cuts may be having on their businesses, but articles in various news publications note that many businesses in both northern and southern California are unable to open at all. Cell phone towers have been impacted, leaving many people unable to even call 911.

With fires burning in San Bernardino, Riverside County and other areas around Los Angeles, there are sure to be many businesses threatened.

Let us know how you are doing. We care.

Image: toa555/Adobe Stock

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