Canada’s Plastics Industry Association to Dissolve, Regroup under Chemical Industry Association Umbrella

Following up on an initial announcement made last November, the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) and Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) confirmed today that they have agreed to a transaction that will see the dissolution of the CPIA and the creation of a new Plastics Division under the CIAC banner.

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The decision was made on the heels of an extensive due diligence process that determined the CIAC and CPIA have complementary strengths and committed members, but that the challenges for plastics require even greater collaboration, said the CPIA in today’s press release.

“We understand that plastics are a vital part of the Canadian economy and everyday lives, but plastic waste doesn’t belong in the environment,” said Ed Bechberger, Chair of the CIAC Board of Directors and President of chemicals company ERCO Worldwide. “As an industry, we’re dedicated to innovation and investment in product design and to the responsible management and reduction of plastic waste. This transaction will provide a balanced approach to plastics and its value to society.”

“The combination of the two organizations will deliver a stronger, clearer and more unified voice for plastics at a time when unity is needed by the industry to educate Canadians and different levels of government on the value of plastics and policy alternatives to product bans,” added Joel Rudolph, Chair of the CPIA Board of Directors and Vice-President, Strategy & Business Development, Farnell Packaging.

CPIA and CIAC conducted special meetings of their members to vote on the transfer of assets from CPIA to CIAC and the associated bylaw changes for both organizations to form a new Plastics Division. Members from both organizations ratified the transaction unanimously.

CPIA added that details of the transition and dissolution of CPIA will be released in the next few months.

Image: Markus Mainka/Adobe Stock

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