Chinaplas 2017 highlights Industry 4.0, design innovation and medical plastics

More than 3300 exhibitors and several concurrent educational events await attendees at Chinaplas 2017, which will be held in Guangzhou on May 16 to 19.

Under the theme of “Intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials, green solutions,” Chinaplas organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. will produce three major concurrent events during the exhibition: The Industry 4.0 conference, Design x Innovation and Medical Plastics conference. Leading-edge technologies and case studies will be highlighted at these events, which will allow show attendees to sharpen their knowledge of market dynamics and network with peers and potential customers.

Industry 4.0

China has quickly become the world’s second largest national economy, and labour costs have risen sharply, notes Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. “It is no longer a low-wage country: All kinds of cost pressures are forcing businesses to opt for more automation equipment and advanced technology in the production processes." However, adds Stanley Chu, Chairman, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., China is still a developing country, and has not yet fulfilled the necessary conditions for Industry 4.0.

“Only a few companies are making use of networking production technologies,” says Chu. “Industry 4.0 is still a vision for many Chinese companies, but an attainable one, and attainable in the foreseeable future, if it is desired that something be done to cope with cost pressures.”

This will be the second time that Chinaplas has organized the Industry 4.0 conference, which is supported by VDMA, the German engineering federation. It is designed to provide companies with practical and operational solutions. Industry 4.0 eventually will move in the direction of custom, small-batch production, which also characterizes 3D printing, aka additive manufacturing, explains Adsale Exhibition Services.

The Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone, a showcase of cutting-edge automation technologies, will provide a boost to the shift from “made in China” to “smartly made in China,” according to the show organizer.

Design x Innovation

Chinplas design by innovationDesign x Innovation will include Innovation Gallery, Open Forum and Meet the Designers programs, the latter of which provides a platform where industrial design innovation and developments in materials can be discussed and solutions can be exchanged.

In 2016, the Innovation Gallery showcased a range of creative products for use in daily life. The e-floater received a great deal of attention: The solar-powered electric scooter is designed to bridge the “last mile” gap in city travel.

In addition, nearly 400 professionals participated in five Open Forum sessions, and the Meet the Designers program provided more opportunities for interaction and cooperation between industrial designers and end users.

Medical Plastics

China’s healthcare industry has tremendous potential, but it is hampered by a low level of technology, writes Adsale Exhibition Services. Consequently, manufacturers seek adaptive solutions to existing production lines and cost pressures.

The concurrent Medical Plastics conference is now in its third year, and has received praise from a number of quarters, including the Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association. “At the Medical Plastics Conference, technical experts shared the state-of-the-art technology of the industry and analyzed development direction of medical applications and solutions,” said the association. “At the same time, processing technology related to the production of precision medical polymer was introduced, offering enterprises knowledge of new materials and direction of development.”

The last edition of the conference attracted 600 attendees, and covered such topics as medical polymers, 3D printing and regulatory affairs. The 2017 conference will bring together upstream and downstream sectors of the industry to discuss the latest applications of medical plastics and cutting-edge production technologies, say show organizers.

Chinaplas 2017 will be held at the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, on May 16 to 19, 2017. Admission is RMB 30 for a one-day pass and RMB 50 for a four-day pass, but free admission is available if you go to and pre-register before May 9, 2017. Those registering before March 1, 2017, will receive the visitor badge in advance by mail.

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