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Shanghai, China—The focus at the Husky (Bolton, ON) stand at Chinaplas was reduced variability; in concrete terms precise temperature control, synchronized gate opening and closing, and thermal uniformity in hot runner systems. To realize the latter, Husky designers are now using thermal FEA (finite element analysis) to optimize each manifold, meaning the resin traveling to each cavity has an identical thermal history. This history is verified during final assembly.

April 29, 2014

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Chinaplas: Husky targets reduced variability in hot runners systems


Husky's Chiaia: New technology is on the way to remove all vestiges of gates.

Husky faces competition in China, sometimes from hot runner suppliers eager to emulate its products according to Gerardo Chiaia, President, Hot Runners and Controllers at Husky. But the company is confident in its position as a systems supplier. "Customers in China are not looking for a product but a solution, and this requires experience, such as how to balance the manifolds and size the channels correctly," says Chiaia. "It's something that cannot be replicated easily." On this account, Husky expects growth to continue in China and the rest of Asia.

Commenting on the recent acquisition of toolmaker Schottli, Chiaia said it primarily gave the company an entry into the medical segment. "Further, an understanding of tool making also assists us in improving our hot runner systems."

Husky also offered a teaser on where its latest R&D efforts were headed. "In the summer of 2014, we will offer a product enabling converters to make their gate vestiges disappear," said Chiaia.

Back to the present, Husky was promoting its Pronto hot runner system boasting reduced costs while not compromising on quality. We can offer a five-day delivery time on 1-32-drop systems with fully configurable hot halves, plates and manifolds," says Chiaia. Husky manufactures hot runner systems in Shanghai.

Husky also introduced its Unify manifold system; a new technology enabling simple, one-step installation of the hot runner manifold into a mold without needing to pre-heat the system, thereby saving up to 70% on installation time. The water, hydraulic and electrical services are attached to a rigid frame that matches the manifold layout perfectly, allowing easy installation directly into the mold.

The Unify  manifold system also reportedly allows for simple hot runner maintenance, reducing down time, and features Husky's Ultraseal technology for continuous leak-proof operation.

Also new from Husky was the Altanium Matrix2 hot runner controller for 2 to 254 zones. The controller is equipped with a variety of enhanced features to improve operational efficiency. An improved, highly intuitive navigation method coupled with a large, full color 19" touchscreen, for example, shortens the learning curve for new users and ensures fast and consistent start-ups. Automatic storage and recall of set-ups ensures the same processing parameters are always used for a mold.

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