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March 1, 2004

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Cool Finger eases end product from mold

A new line of core pins, dubbed Z492, are made of beryllium-free copper alloy and are designed to aid heat dissipation in injection molds. These ejector pins have 10 times better heat conductivity than traditional steel pins. They dissipate undesirable concentrations of heat in inaccessible mold areas, therefore achieving a cycle time improvement of up to 30%. The material's hardness makes it easy to machine and additional heat treatment is unnecessary. Wear resistance can be increased by surface coating. They are available in diameters of 4 to 16 mm with lengths of 160, 250, and 315 mm. Dimensions comply with standard DIN ISO 6751 for ejector pins. Hasco-Normalien GmbH + Co KG, Ludenscheid, Germany, +49 2351 9570; www.hasco.com

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