The coolest thing at Fakuma 2018: A manufacturing execution system? Really?

Manufacturing execution software (MES) is as far away from sexy as you can get. So, why feature Temi+ as one of the coolest things I saw at Fakuma today? Because it does something that no other MES can do, according to Wittmann Battenfeld (Vienna): It is the first system in the world that supports auxiliary equipment as well as injection molding cells. Wittmann Group Managing Director Michael Wittmann described the technology and its benefits during a press conference at Fakuma. But first, some back story.

Wittmann entered into a joint venture with MES developer ICE-flex (Saronno, Italy) in September 2018. The startup tailors systems primarily for injection molding companies with fewer than 50 machines per plant, and has built a reputation in two short years of having particular expertise in the development of interface protocols for the injection molding industry. Its Temi software supports various manufacturer-dependent versions of Euromap 63. The plus symbol after the brand name—Temi+—indicates systems that support Wittmann 4.0 functions.

Temi+ MES
An ICE-flex staffmember demos the Temi+ MES at the Wittmann Battenfeld stand at Fakuma.

Temi+ connects not only injection molding machines but “simultaneously and automatically all auxiliaries, which together with a Wittmann Battenfeld machine, form a production cell via WITTMANN 4.0,” notes the company in a press release distributed when the joint venture was announced. “Any alterations in the composition of the production cell are recognized automatically within the cell, and the new configuration is subsequently displayed and saved correctly by TEMI+ without operator intervention.”

Presenting key production data from all of the equipment in a clear, simple graphic interface makes it much easier to figure out precisely where problems might be occurring, said Wittmann at the Fakuma press conference.

There is ostensible demand among customers for manufacturing execution systems, added Wittmann, and his company is one of many that now offers compatible MES products. It is the only one, however, that has a system that captures data from the full range of injection molding machinery and auxiliary equipment.

Maybe not sexy, but pretty cool, right? See for yourself: Wittmann Battenfeld is running demos at stand 1204 in hall B1.

Fakuma runs through Oct. 20 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

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