Coretech (Moldex3D) receives prestigious Aoki Katashi Innovation award

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D; Chupei City, Taiwan), a provider of engineering simulation technology for the plastics industry, received the Aoki Katashi Innovation award from the Japan Society of Polymer Processing (JSPP; Tokyo) on June 12 in Japan. Coretech was recognized for its award-winning research—"Development of Microcellular Foam Injection Molding Simulation Technology Incorporating Bubble Nucleation."

Aoki Katashi Innovation award
Established in 1990, the Aoki Katashi Innovation award is named after the founder of Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

The researchers receiving the award were Dr. David Hsu, Product President, Moldex3D; Dan Chang, Project Manager, Moldex3D; Masato Goto, General Manager of Moldex3D Simulation Center at Saeilo Japan Inc.; Hisahiro Tanaka, Chief of Moldex3D Division at Saeilo Japan Inc.; and Dr. Hideo Akimoto, President of Akimoto Consulting. Moldex3D said that it would like to give special thanks to Professor Masahiro Ohshima at Kyoto University and Professor Kentaro Taki at Kanazawa University for providing a very important theoretical basis for this research.

“The Aoki Katashi Innovation award has been regarded as the Nobel prize in the polymer processing field. Moldex3D is very honored to receive this award as the first foreign company since 1990,” said Hsu. “The award acknowledges Moldex3D’s technology development and the effort of our partner, Saeilo Japan, who has been continuously promoting Moldex3D’s simulation technology across academia and industry sectors in Japan,” said Hsu.

“Moldex3D’s research on incorporating bubble nucleation in foam injection molding simulation has combined theory, simulation and validation, and is the most advanced technology around the world,” said Chang. “This award has encouraged us to continue advancing our simulation technology for polymer processing and helping industries solve the most complex molding problems and optimize product designs.”

The Aoki Katashi Innovation award was established in 1990 by the Japan Society of Polymer Processing, which represents more than 1500 individual members and 170 supporting companies. The award is named after the founder of Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. and commemorates his many achievements within the plastics industry.

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