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Currier Plastics helps build careers, creates R&D director position

Article-Currier Plastics helps build careers, creates R&D director position

When Sriraj Patel first began working at Currier Plastics, a custom processor in Auburn, NY, with both injection molding and blowmolding capabilities, he had no plans to stay. "I was only going to work a summer and then return to school for my master's," Patel said. "That all changed when I saw the opportunities ahead of me and the room for growth both personally and professionally."

Patel began his career at Currier Plastics in 2009 as Injection Molding Process Engineer and has also held the position of Injection Molding Project Engineer and, most recently, Injection Molding Engineering Manager.

Patel, who holds a BS in plastics engineering technology from Penn State University, was just promoted to the role of Director of Research and Development at Currier Plastics. In his newly created position, Patel will focus on driving innovation and improvement to the company's processes and products.

Patel's main effort as Director of R&D will be to improve Currier's project management systems, design engineering flow-through and quality assurance systems and continue to improve project execution flow-through, speed-to-completion and accuracy in meeting and exceeding all customer expectations.

John F. Currier, President of Currier Plastics, commented for PlasticsToday: "We created the Director of R&D position to emphasize our focus on providing full product development capability for our clients. Sriraj began his career at Currier Plastics in an engineering position in operations and, because of his talent and drive, has been promoted several times, most recently to this position of leadership. Sriraj possesses the engineering talent that has allowed us to expand the role of Product Development Manager to the newly created position of Director of Research & Development."

Located in the heart of New York state, Currier has been providing custom injection and blowmolding services for a variety of industries including packaging, beauty and cosmetics, amenities, household consumables, electronic connectors and medical measuring devices since 1982.

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