D&M Plastics shares manufacturing experience with high-school students

September 11, 2018

Attracting young people to careers in manufacturing requires getting them interested and knowledgeable about opportunities early on. As an industry leader, and part of a nationwide trend to introduce the manufacturing industry to prospective talent at a young age, D&M Plastics (Burlington, IL) recently opened its doors to the students of Larking School’s Secondary Transition Education Program (STEP).

The high school students of Elgin’s District U-46 spent a morning learning about injection molding and the manufacturing industry as part of their STEP curriculum, igniting their interest in potential career opportunities. 

With many industrial programs and classes having been cut from school budgets, the Larkin students were grateful for the experience that allowed them to spend time on the D&M floor and in various other departments learning about the myriad opportunities available at D&M, and in manufacturing in general.

D&M President and CEO, Chip Owen, said, “Any time we have the opportunity to educate the next generation about the possibility of a career in manufacturing, and the importance of keeping these types of jobs at home, we’re eager to participate.”


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