Donnelly Custom Manufacturing expands injection molding capabilities

Donnelly ManufacturingDonnelly Custom Manufacturing Co. (Alexandria, MN), specializing in short-run injection molding for leading industrial OEMs, announced significant investments in new equipment. They position Donnelly to accommodate strong growth with current and new customers, said the company.

The company is continuing its focus on the low- to mid-volume manufacturing needs of its customers—delivering high-quality parts on time and affordably. The three equipment purchases—a Toshiba 500-ton all-electric press, Engel vertical rotary press and Universal Robots’ UR5 collaborative robot—expand Donnelly’s injection molding capabilities and value-added manufacturing services.

“Each of these investments better enable us to address our customers’ vital needs,” said Ron Kirscht, President of Donnelly. “We’re standard-setters. We need to be agile while leveraging our short-run expertise to effectively manage and save time in critical processes, including setups and production runs, so we can provide service and value to our customers.”

Expanding its fleet of presses to 36, the company is continuing to make capital investments to meet growing demand for larger press capabilities. The latest addition furthers Donnelly’s ability to be a single source of supply for customers’ low- to mid-volume injection molding needs. The purchase of the Toshiba 500-ton press also represents Donnelly’s 31st Toshiba all-electric machine. This ultimately increases productivity through standardized controls, maintenance and service requirements, while reducing the time and resources needed for onboarding and employee training, said the company.

To maximize the impact of these investments, Donnelly continues to incorporate advanced automation technologies into its operations. Donnelly’s new UR5 cobot is uniquely engineered to perform several sequential tasks. The technologies empower the company’s operators to execute more value-producing tasks, ultimately streamlining costs and increasing precision for customers.

“These investments enable us to increase productivity and performance, which are critical in a short-run environment,” said Jerry Bienias, Vice President of Operations. “Our automation team has worked hard to overcome significant barriers to entry in incorporating automation into short-run manufacturing. Through these technologies we can bring our customers increasingly higher quality parts in shortened delivery time frames.”

The company completed its investments with the purchase of an Engel vertical rotary press at NPE2018. It is scheduled to be delivered soon.

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