Engel’s made-in-China Wintec molding machines are coming to the Americas

Targeting no frills, general purpose injection molding applications, Engel (Schwertberg, Austria) has brought its made-in-China Wintec machines to the U.S. market for the first time. The company exhibited the hydraulic t-win and all-electric e-win machines at booth W3303 at NPE2018.

There is strong demand for standard injection molding machines without all the bells and whistles but that still deliver the quality and reliability for which Engel is known, said group CEO Stefan Engleder during a press conference today at NPE2018. Wintec machines were designed with this in mind and, as a result, have become quite popular in Asia/Pacific markets. Certain models are now also available for delivery in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.


The hydraulic machines are well established in the Asia/Pacific markets, said Engel, where they are typically used to mold large automotive components and products for the white goods industry. The company introduced the all-electric e-win series in 2017.

Stressing that Wintec is 100%-owned by Engel, Engleder said that the motivation in bringing these machines to the Americas is to provide plastics processors with an “Engel-quality” energy efficient, reliable, durable and compact machine.

Wintec machines are suited for high-volume, single-component injection molding that may not require any special technologies but where quality and process consistency remain important.

Developed in Europe, the machines are built in Changzhou, China, under the same strict standards as all Engel machines and robots.

To meet anticipated strong demand for the machines in the Americas and elsewhere, the Wintec plant in China is undergoing a significant expansion. By the end of 2019, production space will more than double and the number of employees will increase by more than 60%, said Engel.

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