Engel's CEO delivers final K Fair speech

Handed over reins to nephew Dr. Stefan Engleder

Dr. Peter Neumann, CEO, Engel (Schwertberg, Austria), gave what will be his final K speech last week before handing over the reins to his nephew Dr. Stefan Engleder, who is also the great-grandson of the company founder Ludwig Engel.

"I would like to extent my very best wishes to the entire team and to my nephew the new CEO," he said at Engel’s press conference. "Many thanks for the attention you have so frequently given to me and I wish you all the best."

Soon-to-be-CEO Stefan Engleder.

"Our focus is to remain the leader in customer benefit and customer value," said Engleder, who will officially become Engel’s new CEO on December 1, 2016, after serving on the management board as CTO for four years.

“Engel is a family-owned company, so changes in the Management Board are all about continuity,” he added. “I intend to work with our employees, customers and partners to develop the business built up by my great grandfather, my grandparents and my uncle Peter Neumann.”

“Staying close to the customer is very important,” he continued. “To me, customer proximity is not only about addressing present client needs, but also anticipating the wishes and needs they are likely to have in the future. The products and services devised on that basis are helping our customers meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

The Austrian machine manufacturer said it will be investing almost €100 million in its facilities over the next couple years.

“We plan to invest similar amounts over the next two years,” said Engleder. “This will put us in a position to expand our capacity and, most importantly, invest in new production technologies. As a family-owned business, we benefit from our fast decision-making processes and financial independence.”

The CEO-in-waiting named plasticizing as an example of how Engel consistently structures its business area to meet the requirements of customers and announced that it has reorganized this division. The company invested €17 million in new machine tools, heat treatment equipment, material flows and new technologies for the plasticizing unit. A fully integrated CAx process chain will raise productivity even further.Two new screws highlighted at the K fair were developed in close collaboration with customers.

“The challenge for us is to ensure that even new materials can be processed faster and to a higher quality standard despite the increasing stresses on mechanical components,” says Günther Klammer, head of the Plasticizing Systems division.




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