EVCO Plastics takes aim at skilled labor shortage with EVCO Educates: Page 2 of 2

EVCO Educates offers continuous opportunities to help employees enhance their own skill sets and grow into more advanced positions. Featured initiatives include a program offering employees grant-funded training sessions through the technical college system and Technical College Training through which EVCO contracts for custom classes.

A Supply Base Training program has been implemented in which EVCO invites its suppliers to conduct on-site training for supplementary information regarding materials and colorants. Additionally, EVCO has tuition reimbursement as well as pay-for-performance programs. “The more responsibility [employees] assume as they grow in their job, the higher their pay,” said Duval.

To improve retention, EVCO benchmarked other manufacturers in the area to gauge where they stand with respect to benefits such as retirement, vacation and “new baby” leave. “We’re about a point better in retirement benefits and paid time off for new moms, four weeks, and dads, two weeks,” Duval explained. This “new baby” paid leave is in addition to the company’s “Paid Time Off” policy for leave, which the company said is a really good “perk.”

Some positions are more difficult to fill than others. “We’re always looking for automation and maintenance people and moldmakers, all high-paying jobs,” said Duval. “Positions running the molding machines and process/technical work we try to grow internally. We work a lot with the local polytechnic schools and offer plant tours in an effort to make sure local students know who we are and what we offer.  We had a great experience with an automation intern who chose that as his career path. If they choose an internship, they’re already here, and we have a technology that interests them. We can grow together.” 

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