FimmTech highlights new tech center during Open House

FimmTech Inc. will showcase its new tech center in Carlsbad, CA, during an Open House on Thursday, Jan. 18. Founded by Suhas Kulkarni in 2004, FimmTech provides hands-on seminars in scientific molding using Kulkarni’s six-step study and standardization of mold function validation protocols.       

Kulkarni and  Vishu Shah, Director of FimmTech and President of Consultek Consulting Group, offer courses and certifications in plastic injection molding and plastics technology. The education center offers professional development courses, workshops and seminars to broaden plastics education and comprehension and to help build the professional competencies and skills needed to advance careers in plastics.

The center is described as a resource for gaining knowledge in all areas related to the field of plastics engineering, including new product development, material qualifications, forensic failure analysis, advanced molding and process development and other challenging projects for major corporations.

FimmTech also offers R&D support to companies involved with injection molding projects with services ranging from material development to product development and testing. A 66-ton Arburg molding machine has been installed in the facility.

The Open House will be held at 5900 Sea Lion Place, Suite 140, Carlsbad, CA, with registration beginning at 2 pm, followed by introductions; a brief keynote presentation by industry journalist and PlasticsToday contributing editor Clare Goldsberry, “From Black Art to Science: a Brief History of Plastics Processing”; and technical seminars including “How Over-the-Wall Engineering Affects Process Capability and Process Robustness” by Kulkarni and “R&D a Necessary Element for Innovation and Product Function” by Shah.

After the talks, a tour of the facility will be followed by dinner.

For more information and to RSVP, go to the company website.

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