Here’s what’s new in injection molding at K 2019

  • KraussMaffei

    If you’re in the market for a new injection molding machine or just want to see what’s new for future reference, you will almost certainly spend some time in hall 15 at K 2019. To help you make the best use of your time, this slide show compiles the product introductions that some of the world’s major injection molding machine makers will be presenting at the show, which returns to Düsseldorf, Germany, on Oct. 16 to 23.

  • KraussMaffei at K 2019

    KraussMaffei (Munich) invites K 2019 attendees to visit stand C 24-27 in hall 15 for the launch of its GX 1100 injection molding machine. With the new clamping force size of 11,000 kN, “we see great opportunities in the areas of packaging and logistics," said Hans-Ulrich Golz, President of the Injection Molding Machinery segment. Like all GX series machines, the GX 1100 features a space-saving two-platen design, GearX and GuideX clamping elements, a modular configuration and numerous equipment options.

    At the stand, the GX 1100-12000 will produce 20-liter polypropylene buckets in two cavities decorated by in-mold-labeling. The shot weight is about 1500 grams with a cycle time of just 14 seconds, according to KraussMaffei. The available speed option increases injection speeds up to 700 mm/sec, depending on the injection unit, as well as clamping movements. “We thus offer our customers an additional option to improve the opening and closing movements of the GX machine, especially for large packaging opening widths of more than 350 mm,” said Golz.

  • Sumitomo (SHI) Demag at K 2019

    At stand D 22 in hall 15, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag (Schwaig, Germany) will show how it is driving innovation by producing a touch-foil interactive decoration for a vehicle console on its new IntElect 500, which is being introduced at the show. The IntElect series combines precision, energy efficiency and a large mold space, said Sumitomo. As a result of the expansive tie bar spacing and increased mold height and opening stroke, IntElect machines accommodate large molds and conserve energy in automotive applications that typically would require larger-tonnage machines. “All of the technological enhancements in the IntElect 500 are designed to give molders the tools, machine synchronization, mold safety and real-time production monitoring required for tomorrow’s automotive smart factories,” emphasized Henrik Langwald, Business Development Director, Automotive.

  • Milacron at K 2019

    The new Q-Series injection molders from Milacron (Cincinnati) provide the latest servo-hydraulic technology in a toggle injection molding envelope, said the company. The Q-Series design is inspired by the durable MTs series and the proficiency that was provided by the F-Series. The globally offered Q-series will provide critical power when needed and conserve power when it is not. Available in 10 tonnage offerings, the US 55 to 610 (500 to 5.500 kN) ton machines support multiple injection frames, providing a range of flexibility with each clamp tonnage.

    The Q-Series is part of Milacron’s Quick delivery lineup. Little time is required from a customer’s order to the start of production. Leveraging the use of a servo motor in combination with hydraulic components, the Q-Series machines provide repeatability and energy savings.

    Visit the company at stand C 5 in hall 1.

  • Engel iQ weight

    The iQ melt control system from Engel (Schwertberg, Austra), which has its debut at stand B 42 – C 58 in hall 15, determines the optimal plasticizing time for a given application. Instead of plasticizing at the maximum possible speed, the system leverages the part’s in-mold cooling time. The machine operator only needs to enter the screw type and material to be processed, and the system will calculate the optimal plasticizing time as well as temperature and back pressure. Benefits include quieter operation, extended screw life and consistent melt quality. At the show, Engel will process fully recycled ABS to highlight the potential of iQ weight control for the circular economy.

  • Haitian International Zhafir electric injection unit

    Following its world premiere at its open house, Haitian International (Ebermannsdorf, Germany) is bringing its new Zhafir electric injection units to the K show at stand A 57 in hall 15. Available with one, two and four spindles, the units feature significantly increased injection pressure at an attractive price point, according to the company.

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