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July 1, 2002

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Hexagonal molded-in inserts

NP_Spirol_40_44.jpgA new set of brass inserts is designed for placement in the mold prior to plastic injection. These molded-in inserts have a large hexagonal head on each end, as well as a large, center undercut. The heads are said to provide a high level of bidirectional torque resistance while the undercut is designed to provide high tensile strength for rigorous applications.

The Spirol Series 40 is a through-hole molded-in insert; and the Spirol Series 44 is a blind-end molded-in insert. Neither insert requires specialized insertion tools since they can both be placed directly into the mold prior to injection. These inserts have been designed to simplify orientation and placement. They?re targeted at applications where high torque and pull-out/through resistance are required, or where the molder would prefer to place the insert within the tool prior to molding.

Spirol Intl. Corp., Danielson, CT
(860) 774-8571;

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