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IMM Review: Guide to Flawless Injection Mouldings

August 1, 2001

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IMM Review: Guide to Flawless Injection Mouldings

Every year it seems several new titles are published that attempt to provide a cure-all for common molding problems. Most of us have probably read them and would agree that useful material can always be gleaned from the endeavor. This book, Guide to Flawless Injection Mouldings, is indeed a step above the rest. 

The book begins with the traditional fishbone layout of factors that may bear on molding problems. However, in Chapter 1, Machine Settings, Process Parameters, Design Considerations, Bichler adds more scenarios to the bone structure for our investigation. We look at the most critical process parameters, starting with observation of the moldfilling pattern and the function of frontal flow. Bichler's discussions of presetting temperatures, pressures, injection stroke, and backpressure are specific to the material being molded. A chart relates the appearance of defects to process and mold conditions. 

Chapter 2, Properties of Various Plastics and Processing Recommendations, presents an extensive review of 17 popular materials and their characteristics, giving chemical attributes, recommended processing conditions, and shrinkage rates for each. 

Chapter 3, Identifying, Diagnosing, and Eliminating Injection Moulding Defects, is most effective. Twenty-two common molding defects are explained in detail. For each, text covers the appearance and physical causes of the defect. Next, a table lists parameter-related causes and remedies, followed by design-related causes and remedies. Best of all are the excellent color photos that show clearly what the defect looks like. These visual defect analyses cover nearly every anomaly typically encountered by molders. 

The Guide to Flawless Injection Mouldings is indeed an extremely useful tool for every molding novice to include in his or her molding kit. Even the veteran molder will find its colorful defect representation an invaluable reference.—Reviewed by: Rich Allen, Douglasville, GA, [email protected]. 

Guide to Flawless Injection Mouldings is one of many books selected for injection molders that are offered through the IMM Book Club and count toward a Bonus Book award. To order your copy or for more information, contact Deb Golanty at (303) 321-2322, [email protected], or visit our website at www.immbookclub.com

Bichler, Martin. Guide to Flawless Injection Mouldings (1999), 100 pp., charts, color photos, $26.50. 



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