Innovators to be inducted posthumously into Plastics Hall of Fame

The Plastics Academy has announced the selection of five new members to be posthumously inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will take place on May 4, 2017, during the Plastics Industry Association's (PLASTICS; Washington, DC) 2017 Spring National Board Meeting in Palm Beach, FL.

Lucien Yokana, founder of Sterling Extruder, is among five individuals who will be inducted posthumously into the Plastics Hall of Fame.

"The Plastics Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have a strong record of consistent dedication and extraordinary accomplishments, and who contributed to the stature and growth of the plastics industry," said Jay Gardiner of Gardiner Plastics Inc., President of the Plastics Academy.

William R. Carteaux, PLASTICS President and CEO, commented, "As PLASTICS adapts to lead this industry into the future, the Plastics Hall of Fame gives us an important opportunity to recognize the individuals that made this industry as vital, vibrant and innovative as it is today. We honor these posthumous inductees, each of whom expanded the world’s idea of what plastics were capable of."

The 2017 inductees are as follows:

L.D. Blackwell—a pioneer in the development of molded plastic products for healthcare, aerospace and consumer products. Among his accomplishments was the co-development of the first coronary bypass pump used in open heart surgery.

Saul Blitz—an innovator in injection molding, injection blow molding and plastics processing, Blitz was a well-known speaker at national conferences as well as one of the original members of the editorial advisory board of Plastics Technology magazine.

Tom Mohs—the founder of Placon Corp., a leading manufacturer of thermoformed and injection-molded plastic packaging. Mohs was an early advocate of closed loop and continuous production of food service products, as well as a champion for sustainability and re-use of recycled plastics in many of Placon’s products.

Leonard Steiner—the developer of the Ceramic Band Heater, the standard for heating barrels on plastics processing equipment worldwide. The founder of Industrial Heater Corp. in the early 20th century, Steiner later became the primary supplier of most of the major equipment manufacturers.

Lucien Yokana—a leading inventor and designer of extrusion machinery, Yokana was the founder of Sterling Extruder. He was also responsible for the design of unique barrier screws as well as gear-drive sheet stack and other new technologies.

The Plastics Hall of Fame was founded in 1972 by Editor-in-Chief Sid Gross in a cooperation between Modern Plastics magazine and PLASTICS. Separate ceremonies for living and posthumous inductees are held every three years.

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