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Intertech Plastics Invests to Support New Business Growth

Image: Magann/Adobe Stock time for expansion
The Denver-based molder has added five new injection molding machines and automation at its packaging and industrial divisions.

Intertech Plastics LLC, an injection molding company with 50 machines across two facilities, announced new investments to increase capacity and support business growth in packaging, industrial products, and consumer goods.

Continuing its effort to standardize, Intertech added five new Toyo all-electric injection molding machines, including 35-, 55-, 90-, and 200-ton presses. Additionally, the company integrated two new Wittmann top-entry robots, and designed and manufactured a custom lid-closing automation cell.

This is the fifth consecutive year in which Intertech made significant investments in its technology. Focused on providing customers with repeatable performance, zero defects, and 100% on-time delivery, Intertech said that it uses technology and innovation to build quality control into its processes while optimizing shop-floor efficiency to meet customer demands.

“Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we remained focused on our customers’ success,” said Jim Kepler, President, Intertech Plastics. “By investing in new technology, we provide our customers with consistent, repeatable, and defect-free injection-molded solutions.

In 2021, Intertech said that it will continue its commitment to the “Part Perfect” approach to injection molding by launching an aggressive five-year strategic Technology & Innovation Roadmap.

“If you are comfortable with your standing in this industry, you quickly become obsolete. Innovation is not limited to the production floor,” added Kepler. “Intertech is looking to do more with less from the front office to our loading docks, and everywhere in between. Data-driven decisions depend on real-time information, so we are automating our processes and IT systems to extract valuable metrics to drive the best decisions. Our current and future customers will benefit from this focus and the resulting efficiency gains.”

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