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Iranian PET preform producer adds Sipa XForm 500 machines to boost production

Clare Goldsberry

March 8, 2016

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Iranian PET preform producer adds Sipa XForm 500 machines to boost production

Iran’s largest producer of PET preforms is banking on Italy’s Sipa (Vittorio Veneto), a provider of container manufacturing and filling technology, to achieve success in its latest round of expansion. Khosh Form has operations in the cities of Mashhad (Khosh Form Toos) and Qazvin (Khosh Form Caspian). In addition to 10 Husky molding machines, the company now has seven Sipa XForm 500 preform injection molding systems at both locations, all of them running 96-cavity molds. The XForm 500 systems produce preforms for carbonated soft drink and mineral water bottles, and 38-mm-neck dairy products. The XForm 500 has the capability to run legacy tooling, as well.

Khosh Form reportedly has been on a steep growth path since it started making PET preforms in 2003. Both sites have benefitted from surging demand for drinks bottled in PET, both at home and in neighbouring countries. It has connections to numerous major international brand owners.

The company makes preforms weighing as little as 10.4 g and as much as 54.75 g, for bottles ranging in size from 300 to 2500 mL. It has an extensive array of molds, so investing in the XForm 500, with its ability to accept large molds from all the top suppliers makes a lot of sense, said Sipa. 

“The full compatibility of the Sipa XForm with our existing equipment is a great advantage for us,” says Dr. Hajrezapour, owner of Khosh Form. “This has given us extra versatility in our production. And the XForm 500 system produces high-quality preforms with high consistency. The machines have already proved to be very reliable, and we have quickly grown accustomed to the new platform.

“With its latest technology, Sipa has made a big leap forward. We appreciate this, because at Khosh Form we look only for the best in class. Our customers own the most important international brands in the beverage business, and they audit our production regularly, so we cannot compromise on the quality of our equipment.”

Khosh Form has only recently come to Sipa. After it heard good things about the company from existing Sipa customers in the region, top executives had a close look at an XForm installation. They carried out a technical survey and set the system against its competitors. In a complete comparison, taking into consideration such critical factors as cycle times, running cost and initial investment, the XForm came out on top. Sipa has the extra advantage of being able to provide local service from technicians close by, another important selection criterion for Khosh Form. 

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