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Sandwiched in local and global markets between up-and-coming Chinese injection machine builders with consistently improving quality standards and Japanese all-electric injection machine suppliers who dominate their market segment, Korean OEMs were out in force at the Koplas show near Seoul to prove that they too are making progress, particularly in terms of special machines and advanced applications.

March 13, 2015

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Koplas: LS Mtron highlights composite technologies, introduces injection blow molding machine


Composite sheet is heated using an infrared heater before inserting into a 1300-tonne LS Mtron injection press for overmolding.


LS Mtron ventures into injection blow molding field.


Vertical LS Mtron press features turntable diameter of 1200 mm (versus 1000 mm and 1100 mm for competing Korean machines) and turntable height of 1170 mm (versus 1370 mm and 1285 mm).

Case in point: LS Mtron, whose stand at Koplas was packed with a variety of injection machines demonstrating high-end processes and technologies. LS Mtron teamed up with material supplier Lanxess at Koplas to demonstrate back molding of polymer composite sheets on its new servo-hydraulic WIZ-1300X machine. The Tepex glass-reinforced polyamide (PA) sheets are heated to 210-240°C using an infrared heater before robotic placement in the mold and back-molding with PA. The part being molded at Koplas was a side impact bar.

LS Mtron also highlighted its Smart Pack System on its WIZ-500 two-platen injection press that employs a cavity pressure sensor and a nozzle pressure sensor to optimize mold filling. The machine was molding a 980-g polypropylene (PP) container box in a 35-s cycle time. The WIZ series claims energy savings of 40-75% versus standard hydraulic machines and a lower noise level of 75 dB.

Direct-long fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) technology was also on show at the LS Mtron stand at Koplas, with an LGE80II all-electric press fed directly with carbon fiber to be incorporated into a polycarbonate matrix.

A surprise addition to the LS Mtron booth at Koplas was an all-electric injection blow molding machine, the LGE 150 III, molding bottles from high impact polystyrene (HIPS) in a 10-cavity mold with turntable rotation time of 0.7 s, which is 40% faster than a hydraulic type. "We are targeting food and medical packaging with this machine," says Yumi Kim, Senior Manager, Overseas Sales team, Injection Molding Systems at LS Mtron.

LS Mtron also debuted a hybrid (electric injection and hydraulic clamping) vertical injection press at Koplas. The LSV110 was molding a GF30% PA66 component with metal insert in a four-cavity mold in a cycle time of 35 s (25-g shot weight).

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