Korean two-platen machine features retractable tie-bar

South Korea's Woojin PLAIMM is the latest injection molding machine builder out of Asia to apply the concept of a retractable tie-bar in its two platen large machines to facilitate mold changes. A massive 2000-tonne clamping force machine, the DL2000A5, was on show at the recent Koplas show near Seoul to highlight the development.

The gamut of injection molding machine scale was on show at Woojin’s stand at Koplas, including a 75-tonne vertical press and a 2000-tonne two platen unit.

Woojin Assistant Manager Lee Yong Ho says the option of electric or hydraulic tie-bar retraction is offered on the company’s large two-platen machines, which extend up to 4000 tonnes in clamping force. The DL2000A5 unit on show at Koplas features a shot weight of up to 7746 grams.

Woojin is not the first OEM to offer such technology in Asia. Hong Kong’s Chen Hsong unveiled a similar concept last year for processors who need large machines but may not necessarily have the ceiling height in their molding shops for easy mold changes.

Another feature offered in Woojin machines up to 850 tonnes in clamping force is an injection unit that rotates outwards to facilitate screw changes and machine cleaning. The IH 8800 on show at Koplas features a shot weight of 4628 grams.

Another recent development at Woojin is the VHA75RS machine, a vertical press with clamping force of 75 tonnes that is easily accessible robotically from the front for insert molding processes. All of the new machines were dressed Woojin’s new livery at Koplas, which is a light green shade.

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