KraussMaffei showcases all-electric PX injection molding system, extrusion technologies at open house in Mexico

KraussMaffei Group (Munich) held an open house last month at its new facility in Queretaro, Mexico, in the company of about 200 guests, who attended to experience “plastics processing from A to Z.” Representatives from a mix of industries, including beverage, automotive, packaging and construction, were in attendance.

Klaus Jell, General Manager KraussMaffei Group Mexico, welcomes guests to open house.
Klaus Jell, General Manager KraussMaffei Group Mexico, welcomes guests to the open house.

KraussMaffei showcased its all-electric PX series, surface decoration with dynamic mold heating (DMH), pipe extrusion, pultrusion of profiles and dosing of polyurethane. “No other company can present such a wide range of plastics processing as the companies of the KraussMaffei Group,” said the company in its release. “The visitors at the open house appreciated the diversity of the machinery and the live demonstrations.”

Presently there is high demand for machines in the Mexican market, in particular in the areas of packaging, agriculture, automotive and construction. The three segments of injection molding, reaction process machinery and extrusion technology in the KraussMaffei Group showcased technologies and developments that provide customers with solutions in those areas.

KraussMaffei Berstorff has a range of machinery lines for sheet, film, pipe, foam and profile extrusion. The company’s extrusion lines can process PVC or PO for the production of pipes in diameters from 5 to 2500 mm. Its product portfolio includes single-screw extruders, counter-rotating and co-rotating twin-screw extruders with corresponding pipe-heads and downstream components and fully automated pipe lines.

KraussMaffei also showed off its all-electric PX series injection machine. For projects with complex surface design, the dynamic mold heating offered by KM partner Roctool achieves “exciting effects” and “seamless surface aesthetics.”

On an Elion 2200-1000, circular lids weighing 6.6 grams were produced using a Stacktech mold at cycle times of 4.5 seconds.

“The demand for such projects with extremely short cycle times is currently growing strongly in Mexico, so the in-mold compression technologies presented by Netstal is attractive,” noted KraussMaffei.

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