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April 1, 2000

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Low-Cost Control Systems For Smaller Or Older Injection Molding Machines

Low-Cost Control Systems For Smaller Or Older Injection Molding Machines

1npelogo4c.jpggroupimage11.jpgSmartSet control systems from Solid Controls are said to be capable of controlling virtually all aspects of molding machine operation for less than $3000.

The company says the intent behind the introduction of these electroniccontrols was to provide a low-cost alternative to molders with smaller or older presses who can not justify investing in more sophisticated or more expensive control packages.

The lowest cost model of the SmartSet, know as the Genius, offers 32 digital inputs and 32 outputs, four zones of PID temperature control with autotuning, four analog inputs for linear positioning, four analog outputs to control proportional valves, a manual function keypad, five internal mold setups and Windows PC-based programming tools. Price is $2950.

Another model, the Wizard, is used together with a molder's existing input/output sequence control and adds closed-loop process control of injection velocities and pressure, as well as temperature and position control.

The high-end Prodigy model combines the features of the Genius and Wizard, along with total control replacement and closed-loop features.

Windows-based programming tools are included with all models. These tools, called the SmartSoft suite, are on CD-ROM and include the Ladder Builder and Screen Builder. Anyone with the ability to read their machine schematics and use a PC can easily use the tools, according to the company.

The CD-ROM also includes sample programs and I/O diagrams for typical makes and models of injection molding machines so users don't have to create new programs from scratch.

Solid Controls, Inc.
Hopkins, MN

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