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Mack Prototype brings in five new all-electric injection molding machines

Article-Mack Prototype brings in five new all-electric injection molding machines

Mack Prototype injection mold
The Milacron Roboshot presses will replace 25-year-old hydraulic machines. The switch to electric will increase efficiency, accuracy and process repeatability, said the company.

Mack Molding (Gardner, MA), a custom plastics molder and supplier of contract manufacturing services, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Mack Protytype, is investing in five new Milacron Roboshot all-electric presses. The new presses include a 50-ton, 1-oz-shot machine; three 110-ton machines with 3.4-, 4.9- and 6-oz shot capacities; and a 165-ton press with a 10.6-oz shot capacity. These units will be replacing a Demag and three Van Dorn machines.

“This represents a major upgrade as we retire several 25-year-old machines,” Mack Prototype President Ric Perry said. “Making the shift from hydraulic to electric increases our efficiency, accuracy and process repeatability. Additionally, these machines will be quieter and cleaner, improving the working environment for our team members.”

To support the new machines, the company has also invested in ventilation and electrical system improvements. The new presses are expected to be up and running by early July.

Commenting further on the new presses, Mack Prototype’s Director of Molding Operations, Steve Fidrych, said, “The sizes of these machines will be more beneficial to our business in that the tonnage and shot sizes pair well with the parts we are molding. With an electric ball screw, the same amount of material is used every time; the shot size is very consistent and repeatable. We will be able to tailor jobs specifically for machines, reducing variability and improving part quality.”

Mack Prototype will now have a total of eight presses, including two existing 28-ton Arburg Allrounder hydraulic presses with 1- and 1.25-oz shot capacities and a 230-ton Van Dorn HT hydraulic press with a 30-oz shot capacity.

Mack Prototype offers 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space in an ISO 13485–certified environment, specializing in low-volume manufacturing. Services include rapid prototyping; rapid mold making; low-volume, small-part injection molding; CNC machining; LIM polyurethane molding; and extensive painting and finishing operations.

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