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Manufacturing and engineering support is designed to help companies bring their ideas to fruition.

Clare Goldsberry

August 12, 2021

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Mack Prototype Manufacturing Engineer. Patrick Merrill
Mack Prototype’s new manufacturing engineer Patrick Merrill.Image: Mack Molding

Mack Prototype, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mack Molding Co., has announced the addition of New Production Introduction (NPI) services to its portfolio. Mack Prototype specializes in prototyping and low-volume manufacturing.

Through its NPI platform, Mack Prototype will offer manufacturing and engineering support from a dedicated 15,000-square-foot space next to the production floor to help companies bring their ideas to fruition. Another 20,000 square feet are available for expansion purposes.

In addition to fixturing, assembly, and testing, the company’s new product launch area will feature real-time, cloud-based data and work instructions.

“With supply chain and design for manufacturing services, as well as molding and machining capabilities, right on site, we are uniquely positioned to give small program productions large program-level engineering support,” said Mack Prototype President Greg Cebular. “Our size gives us the agility necessary to adapt to the changing needs of early-stage manufacturing, while our experience and support from the broader Mack Molding family means customers can move into full program launch when they are ready.”

Once a program is ready for full-scale production it can be seamlessly moved into one of Mack Molding’s larger contract manufacturing facilities.

Leading the efforts will be Mack Prototype’s new manufacturing engineer Patrick Merrill. Merrill has 10 years of engineering experience, including for the medical device industry, and has been involved with new products from inception to commercialization.

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