Matsui's new mold temperature controller heats faster so molding can start sooner

A new mold temperature controller from Matsui America (Chicago) reaches temperature settings fast so that molding machine operators can start processing sooner. In addition to a feature-packed user-friendly control panel, the new MC5 device has the valves positioned outside the cabinet for easy access and maintenance. The MC5 series is 27% lighter and has a smaller footprint than previous models.

The mold temperature controller comes in 12 different models to suit molders’ individual needs. The MC5-B1 series hot water controllers are available in 25-, 55- and 88-liter sizes, each of which have low- and high-temperature versions. Molders can upgrade to the MC5-G3 controller, available in the same sizes and temperatures, with even more programming choices.

Equipped with a powerful pump and responsive thermocouple sensor, the MC5 quickly and accurately reaches target temperatures within 1° of set point, shortening startup times. By taking samples four times every second, the unit maintains optimum temperatures throughout production. As a result, processors can mold more parts in less time with fewer rejects, boosting productivity as well as their bottom line, claims Matsui.

The MC5-s control panel features a large LCD character display that’s visible even in bright lighting conditions. It can store up to 64 different temperature settings, detects heating and cooling errors and improves maintenance. An easy-to-use touchpad simplifies programming, enabling users to preset operations, monitor settings, view progress and make changes.

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