Md Plastics will showcase portfolio of plasticating components at K show

Md Plastics Inc. (Columbiana, OH) will showcase its portfolio of plasticating components at K this year, including a technology that collects the thermal data of plastic by measuring the melt temperature. The company is exhibiting in hall 13 at stand B91-08.        

Md Plastics Posi Melt screw
Posi-Melt screw.

Featured items at the stand will include the company’s melt preparation and dispensing hardware, including its Posi-Melt plasticating screw for injection molding and extrusion. For melt dispensing and control, the company will showcase its MDP Performance and Posi-Seal screw tips (NRV) for injection molding in various sizes and OEM models, as well as its Mini-Shut miniature, automatic shutoff nozzle. Both standard U.S. and EU models will be displayed.

For extrusion processing, Md Plastics will feature hot isotactic press (HIP) barrels for extreme wear and corrosion resistance. On display will be a twin-barrel section.

Melt – IQ for injection molding is a new system that measures work performed on the polymer melt. Melt – IQ learns the behavior of the machine, and through Md Plastics’ proprietary math models, can "control" the V-P transfer points for more precise part production. “We essentially increase the injection molding machine’s IQ,” said Michael F. Durina, founder of the company and developer of the Melt – IQ. “A full working model will be demonstrated on an interactive Inject-Ex for an LSR (liquid silicone rubber) unit.

A working model of Melt-Profiler for injection molding, a low-cost melt monitoring and production system, will also be at the stand. 

The new, patent-pending Inject-Ex system on display is an improved injection molding process that employs a non-reciprocating, stationary heating/cooling cylinder that is coupled to a plunger head assembly and drive housing that conveys, homogenizes and injects polymeric material precisely and efficiently along one axis. An all electric unit with an 18-mm plunger x 18.5 gram shot x 14.4k psi injection pressure will be on display.

“We fully expect to surprise the industry with our innovative products,” said Durina. “The Inject-Ex is a new way to prepare and dispense plastic pellets more efficiently and effectively. This product will become a standard because it addresses the deficiencies of the 70-year-old reciprocating screw technology,” said Durina. “Our Melt – IQ system is a revolutionary way of looking at the polymer melt as a means for calculating the work being exerted during the critical phase of injection forward. 

“Our proprietary math modes ‘learn’ machine behavior during injection and perform a calculation every millisecond. The integrals calculated at this speed then allow us to ‘control’ the V-P switch point for more precise part production,” he said.

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