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Custom molder and mold manufacturer MET Plastics (Elk Grove Village, IL) has become the newest member of the Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group, becoming Met2Plastic LLC. With the acquisition, both companies gain a transatlantic footprint and increase their potential to generate sales abroad.

Clare Goldsberry

February 18, 2016

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MET Plastics joins Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group

metplasticsThe acquisition of MET Plastics is Dedienne's first entry into the U.S. marketplace. Dedienne's manufacturing operations are headquartered in Normandy, France, and it maintains facilities in Nantes and the Paris region. With a staff of more than 400, the company also has a manufacturing facility in Romania, which the company started in 2005, and sales offices in Germany and the United Kingdom. Dedienne describes itself as a "world-class, innovative technological partner" with capabilities in injection molding, thermoforming, precision machining, thermoplastic composite stamping and materials technology.

Dedienne is focused on the design and manufacture of technical and cosmetic parts and sub-assemblies, along with a range of secondary operations, involving high-performance plastics and composites for metal replacement from prototype to small- and large-volume production. Pierre-Jean Leduc, President and CEO of Dedienne, explained to PlasticsToday that Multiplasturgy is Dedienne's strategy as well as a brand name that the company owns. "It is a concept of being a one-stop shop for our customers to find the answer to all of their different requirements, which requires a variety of technologies," Leduc said.

In addition to injection molding, machining, thermoforming composite stamping and thermoforming, Dedienne offers all related processes including plating, painting, decoration, printing, laser etching, sonic welding and assembly, metallization of plastic components and EMI/EMC shielding for electronics. The company also offers metal-to-plastic conversion.

Mike Walter, President of Met2Plastic, commented, "Dedienne is a forward-thinking plastics and composites processor. Joining forces with a like-minded business will help us both to flourish, as we grow our operations in North America and in Europe."

With its range of technologies and materials via partner companies throughout Europe, Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group has a "bold footprint in the European manufacturing sector of highly technical components made of high-performance polymers and thermoplastic composites," said Leduc.

The acquisition was the result of a process, explained Leduc and Walter. Leduc met Walter about two and a half years ago, when Leduc was trying to identify companies in the United States that would make a suitable acquisition. "I visited a lot of U.S. companies and we found Met Plastics, now Met2Plastic LLC," Leduc said. "It was a strategic move. We had our criteria regarding what we wanted, and Met2Plastic fulfilled the majority of what we were looking for. We needed to be more present in the United States for the aerospace business, because about 30% of what we do in Europe is aerospace. We work with Tier 1 suppliers and they have premises in Europe but they also have a strong presence in the United States. All the Tier 1 suppliers have companies in the United States, but very rarely do we make components for Boeing [in the United States]. The Tier 1 aerospace suppliers selling to Boeing want to produce in the "dollar zone," so if they need to source they try to source locally.

"Met2Plastic gives Dedienne access to the North American market with a reputable, profitable company with a customer base in the aerospace and medical fields," Leduc added. "The capacity to produce in the dollar zone and have a presence in the Chicago region are beneficial to Dedienne."

For Met2Plastic, Dedienne provides access to an enhanced technology portfolio that positions the company for growth in metal-to-plastic conversion applications for its existing customer base and for new potential customers. The acquisition also provides Met2Plastic with increased size and capacity while ensuring all staff and leadership remain in place. As a member of Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group, Met2Plastic will have access to European OEMs with operations in North America. This presence in Europe, along with the ability to offer new material and plastic and composite process technologies, makes Met2Plastic a more dynamic organization.

Currently, Met2Plastic has 10 presses (Dedienne has 77) with a focus on aerospace as a key industry, Walter told PlasticsToday. The company also serves the medical and industrial equipment industries. "We tend to be a niche molder and focus on a lot of metal-to-plastic applications," said Walter. "That's also a big focus of Dedienne, and one thing that attracted us to them."

Leduc added: "Dedienne's intention is to have a strong position in the U.S. market, and Met2Plastic is the ideal company to start our presence. The new venture will be commercially and technically profitable for both companies. It's also very profitable for both management teams, as this is a new human venture for both of us and is therefore very motivating."

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