Milacron to display comprehensive global product offering at Fakuma 2017

At Fakuma’s 25th anniversary trade show and exhibition, held October 17 to 21 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Milacron Holdings Corp. (Cincinnati, OH) will pull out all the stops to display what it calls the most comprehensive global product offering in the plastics industry. It will exhibit in hall B3 at booth 3203.

“The Fakuma trade show has a rich history of displaying the plastics industry’s technical advancements,” said Tom Goeke, CEO of Milacron. “It’s this platform that allows us to present to our customers our most recent technological advances, of which there many. We always look forward to meeting long-time customers and new prospects and show them how Milacron can assist them in their drive for continuous success.”

Milacron will be showcasing its various products in cells demonstrating the technologies.

The Elektron EVO all-electric injection molding technology will be demonstrated with an Elektron EVO 110 running a four-cavity medical syringe insert mold from Zahoransky in a cleanroom-compliant system with a 14-second cycle time.

Milacron EVO 110

In another cell, the Magna Toggle Servo 200 machine will be running a single-cavity automotive surface sample mold from Wirth Molds using a Mold-Masters Temp-Master M1 controller. It will apply Trexel’s Mucell system for physical foaming with an SFI process in a 52-second cycle time.

The Ferromatik 360 injection molding machine cell will run a four-cavity packaging container mold with in-mold labeling technology from Muller in a four-second cycle time. The machine will be equipped with Mold-Masters Master-Series hot runner and a fully integrated Mold-Masters TempMaster iM2 controller.

Mold-Masters will be displaying its hot-runner and control systems, such as its Summit-Series hot runner; its Fusion G2 Series hot-runner design for automotive molding operations; the new Mold-Masters DURA+ automotive lens and lighting hot runner; the E-Multi injection unit designed for precise, versatile multi-shot molding solutions; and the Sprint closure hot-runner system with its all new color-change gating tips.

DME Mold Technologies will showcase the TruCool line of products that provide optimal mold cooling solutions and its line of large mold bases that increase capacity to handle larger, more diverse product molds.

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