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April 1, 2001

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Miniature Slide-Style Force Sensor Measures Mold Cavity Pressure

April, 2001


Miniature Slide-Style Force Sensor Measures Mold Cavity Pressure

0401pn-25.jpgKistler's new Model 9227A slide-style force transduceris the smallest in a family of three sensors for measuring cavity pressure in very small molds. The injection pressure is measured indirectly behind an injector or a separate measuring pin.

The unit has a measurement range of 1500 Newton (340 lb-force) and is supplied with a calibrated partial range of 150 Newton (34 lb-force) for low level pressure measurements.

With cross sectional dimensions of 0.16 x 0.24 in., the unit can be used in confined spaces, including locations where it would be impossible to install a direct measurement sensor. A good application example would be injection molding of optical lenses.

The 9227A has an integral cable terminated in a rugged Fischer connector. It can be supplied in four standard cable lengths (0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 meter) or in a custom length. Prices range from $1110 to $1145.

Kistler Instrument Corp.
Amherst, NY 

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