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January 1, 2005

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Mixing nozzle for injection and extrusion

The SMN mixing nozzle for injection molding and the SMB-R melt blender for extrusion are installed just upstream of the die/tool and increase the mixing homogeneity achieved during melt injection and extrusion. Defects in molded parts or extruded products are eliminated almost completely which results in considerable cost savings and quality improvements.

The mixing principle is identical to that of the static SMX mixer. The mixing element consists of a mixing grid surrounded by a ring (monolithic cast construction). The mixers offer low pressure drop, combined with high mechanical strength and easy disassembly for inspection. A system of slots and pins ensures correct reassembly of the mixer parts.

Pictured here, blue and white epoxy resins are shown in a SMN/SMB-R static mixer and in an empty pipe. The number of layers generated with the static mixer and the degree of mixing achieved increases rapidly?in the empty pipe, no mixing occurs.

StaMixCo Technology Ltd., Dinhard, Switzerland
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