MobileSpecs app compiles comprehensive data on plastics for injection molding

Mobile SpecsMobileSpecs LLC (Laramie, WY) has released Mobile Specs for Injection Molding, which now includes complete supplier data sheets for more than 20,000 plastic materials. Data is accessible from its website and via a mobile app.

“The people who rely on Mobile Specs for Injection Molding told us how to make our service better for them. We listened, then we acted by brewing up some solutions to the major problems we saw in the industry, starting with adding supplier data sheets,” said Doug Kenik, Managing Director. “We’re eager to hear from our users about this significant improvement, and we’re excited about the next two announcements that we’ll be making in January and February of 2019.”

The information in the app and on the website is continuously updated by the MobileSpecs LLC engineering team. To view Mobile Specs online or to download the free app, visit the company website.

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