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September 1, 2006

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Mold alignment system operates without grease

G MAS, or Greaseless Mold Carrier and Alignment System, aligns the mold in the molding machine before the mold is attached to the machine platens. Once the mold is set, the system controls mold alignment during each cycle independently of mold alignment components.

Mold misalignment causes processing problems that include sticking parts in cavities, uneven wall thicknesses, distorted parts, slower cycles, and size variations. The GMAS prevents these problems with friction-free roller alignment in all directions. Accurate mold alignment is accomplished prior to leader pin or taper lock engagement. Tie rod damage is eliminated because there are no moving parts that make contact with the molding machine tie rods.

The mold is set in the exact location in the molding machine after each set-up, eliminating inconsistent wear patterns related to mold misalignment. Reliable information is gathered regardless of the number of set-ups or when using multiple machines for running the same mold. Should changes to the mold be necessary, the system?s repeatable setup accuracy prevents additional variables during this problem-solving phase. Once the GMAS is fitted to the machine, there are no further adjustments.

GMAS is ideal for stack mold applications, yet offers the same advantages when used with single-face injection molds or blowmolds. The system is also available with an optional Quick Mold Change feature, and it can be retrofitted or used with new molds and machines to 2000 tons or more. As there is no oil or grease from the mold alignment system to contaminate conveying equipment or free-falling clean parts, downtime and rejected parts are reduced.

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